Refined Ground Work & Liberty Clinic


2-Days $450    3-Days $600  4-Days $750 5-Days $900

12 Riders Max


Learn the "Whys" and "Why Nots" of horse training. When coming to a clinic with Michael & Julia, they are going to provide you with your very own program that will allow you to reach the goals that you desire. Each clinic is tailored to the horse and riders needs. Come and expect to LEARN!


Michael firmly believes in giving each rider the tools they need to put the pieces together in their training. You should not expect your learning to end when the clinic is over! Each person will be prepared to take the exercises they have learned and be able to apply them to other horses, or to continue to perfect them on the horse they rode. 


This clinic can be taught in a 2-5 day format. Refined Ground Work & Liberty Clinics is one of our very unique and extremly fun programs that we offer. Do you want to deepen your relationship with your horse and learn how to truly connect with them?


Michael & Julia have been working on a incredible program that allows you to do just that. Spend time doing ground work like you have never done before. There is so much more that we can be teaching our horses on the ground. We will be working on how to relax and engage the entire horses body on the ground so that we can better prepare them for the saddle. The first day will be nothing but refined ground work…..teaching better transitions from walk to trot, trot to lope, walk to lope and more. As well as asking the horse to become supple and responsive in their maneuvers. This is a great way to help your horse become nice and balanced in all of his/her gaits. 

The second day we will be working on our Liberty work. We have a lovely indoor arena to work in with a round pen inside so that we can work on this off lead. Learn how to teach your horse to w/t/c circles around you, change directions, come to you, lay down and more. 

Liberty is an awesome way to play with your horse on the ground, and really connect with them. This clinic is for all ages and levels of horses.


Each day will start at 9:30am and run until approximately 5:00pm. An hour lunch break will be provided at noon. 

The first day will consist of a small group meeting to get to know everyone and to discuss what each individual is looking to get out of the clinic. Michael & Julia will then ask everyone to warm up as they generally do so that he can assess each persons working levels and begin to create a program for you and your horse. 



Be sure you are ready to work! Do not come expecting to be able to skate under the radar and not interact. Please wear proper riding attire such as CLOSED TOE SHOES! We will not allow flip flops, or any open toed shoes in the arena. 

Bring what it is that you prefer to work in, though we strongly suggest a nice rope halter with a least a 12 foot lead line.

Also make sure to have a dressage whip. 


Signing Up! 

Check our calendar to see if we have one on the books, or talk to us about setting up one near you!