Our favorite pads! We use them on everything. They are great for wicking sweat away, keeping the back cooler, and keeping the saddle sitting on the back exactly where it needs to be. Not slipping!


"The Original Series is created just like the original WonPad placed on the market in 1991. Choose from 1” or 1/2“ thick felt backed with 4mm neoprene. It has 3/4 length wear leathers sewn to the felt on both sides (assorted brown colors). Each one is branded with the WonPad logo, with your choice of size, corner, and vent. Available in 30″ width with 3 lengths down the spine: 28″, 30″, and 32″ with either a regular vent (3 holes straight down the spine) or a flex vent (one straight down the spine vent, followed by three perpendicular vents to allow more flexibility for the blanket to conform to the horse)." 

Won Pad

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