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Have Fun, Learn Lots, and Ride! 

Why should you ride with Michael? 



Michael's humility and knowledge of the horse makes his clinics really stand out. He is all about getting to know each and every individual and creating a program that best fits them! Even in a clinic atmosphere, he works to tailor each exercise to the needs of the horse and rider team. 



Want to ACTUALLY LEARN? Michael is all about giving you each exercise you need to get the goal you desire. He does not hold anything back. He will give you the exact knowledge you need to get your results in the clinic, but also at home! Your training will not end when the clinic is over, because you have been set up over the course to take everything home and apply it yourself! 



We could go on and on about why Michael's training is extremely beneficial, but why don't you hear it from those who have participated! 


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Performance Clinic

2-4 Day Clinic teaching each rider how to take their horses performance to the next level whether it is in or out of the arena.

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Horsemanship Clinic

2-4 Day Clinic working on how to gain the upmost control over your horse from the ground and in the saddle. Work on what you need to gain a better relationship with your horse, and to improve your communication with your equine partner.

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Would you like to host your own Michael Lyons Clinic? Click this button to learn more about what this entails! 

Refined Ground Work &

Liberty Clinic 

Do you want to deepen your relationship with your horse and learn how to truly connect with them? 

Spend time doing ground work like you have never done before. There is so much more that we can be teaching our horses on the ground.

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Trick Training Clinic 

2-4 Day Clinic working on how to teach your horse all sorts of tricks such as the lay down, sit up, sit down, smile, spanish walk, come to cue, come to the mounting block, & More! 

This is a very fun and interactive clinic for both horse & rider. 

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Private Instruction

Equine Get-Aways!

Stay at our cozy cabins and spend a couple days (or more) with Michael and Julia learning about horsemanship. Stalls, hourly lessons, cabins, and lots of fun all waiting to be booked for you! Prices are very affordable. $80 cabins, $75 hour lessons, and $25 a night for stalls. Contact us to set up your perfect package. 

Hourly Lessons 

Hourly lessons are an incredible way to navigate through those long term plans, or help your short term goals. 

$75 haul in lesson at our place in Randleman. 


Half and Full Day Private Lessons

Is the clinic atmosphere not for you, or maybe private instruction seems to fit you better at the moment? Our facility offers spacious cabins for you and stalls for your horses! Come to our ranch, learn, enjoy your stay with your horse while staying in a rustic cabin that is sure to meet your needs. Private half days and full day sessions can have up to 3 people involved to split pricing.  Want Michael to come to you? Contact our office to make that happen! 

Half Day ~ $600 (3-4 hours of instruction)

Full Day ~ $1000 (6-7 hours of instruction)

Traveling fees may apply.  Call or email our office to get a quote  for travel expenses and discounts on private sessions over 4 day.s 



Apprenticeship Program

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2 Week Apprenticeship 

Do you want the opportunity to ride with Michael for 2 weeks and be given the title Michael Lyons Apprentice? 

This is a very intense, and hands on training experience learning, everything from unbrokes, trailer loading, arena work, liberty, trail riding, problem solving, and more! 

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"I've had the privilege of Michael's instruction twice. Once in a clinic and once in a private lesson on my reining horse. I have participated in several clinics and follow a number of natural horsemanship trainers for tips and insight. None of them come close to the insight and knowledge I received from Michael during my two lessons with him. What I appreciate most about Michael is that he takes the time to get to know you and your horse before he ever begins to give suggestions or instruction. No "one size fits all" for this guy! I have ridden off and on all my life, but reining is new to me, and it's been many years since I've ridden consistently. Michael gave me exactly what I needed to improve my leadership skills with my horse and also gave me some insight into how my particular horse learned best. In everything he does, his love of the horse and of sharing knowledge that will improve the horse/rider partnership through natural horsemanship shines through. I love his gentleness and how in tune he is with each horse as an individual. REmarkable, amazing, God given talent. My only complaint is that I don't live close enough to ride with him often! Hoping to take advantage of another clinic or private lesson soon!"

~Rhonda Van Huss, VA 

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