Full Clinic, Expo, and Seminar Schedule 


We are constantly adding to our schedule. If you don't see anything happening your area and would like to have us, contact our office about getting something set up. 


January 12th ~ New Year Tack Exchange                                                          ~ Randeman, NC 


January 13-14th ~ Start of Winter Riding Series                                                 ~ Randleman, NC 


January 20-21st ~ Start of 2nd Winter Riding Series                                          ~Randleman, NC 


 February 23-25th ~ Southern Equine Expo                                                   ~ Murfreesboro, TN



March 23-25th ~ Virginia Horse Festival                                                           ~ Doswell, VA 


June 1-5th ~ 5 Day Empowered Horsemanship Clinic                                        ~ Randleman, NC 


June 15-17th ~ 3 Day Horsemanship Clinic                                                      ~ Hartman, AR


June 24-29th ~ Teen Empowerment Camp                                                       ~ Randleman, NC

July 12-14th ~ Therassage Equine Massage Certification                                   ~ Randleman, NC 

August 2-5th ~ 4 Day Horsemanship Clinic                                                      ~Powell, WY 

August 16-19th ~4 Day Brandi & Michael Lyons Clinic                                    ~Randleman, NC 

September 8-9th ~ HIT the Trail Clinic                                                             ~Concord, NC 

September 29-30th ~ Craig Johnson Ranch Riding Clinic                                 ~Randleman, NC