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Riding consistently can be a challenge we all face. So we created a challenge that will help produce motivation, guidance and a little friendly competition to help us all knock out our goals with our horse for 2023

The Horsemanship Challenge is a 4 month challenge to ride/work with your horse for a total of 60 sessions or more!

Those of you who hit this mark will be entered to win prizes worth over $10,000  AND COUNTING! There are LOTS of prizes to be won, and several opportunities to do so. This year we have added DIVISIONS

Youth (18 and Under) .......Adult (19-49) Primetime (50+)..... large prizes will still be given out to everyone as whole as well as individual prizes for each division. 

You can do this from any part of world. It MUST be on your horse, or a regular horse you lease/ride. For us trainers, clients horses do NOT count. 

What is New for 2023?? 

This year by registering you will have access to your very own member portal that will be filled with all of the important information for the challenge as well as instructional videos that hopefully will teach you some new things and keep you inspired to keep going! 

The Horseman's Journal! This is a fun and new way to track your sessions, document, reflect, and plan your sessions as well as keep track of all of your important information for your horse. 

Extended Christmas Pre-order is December 11th!


Guidelines to enter: 

You must be willing to attempt the 60 sessions over the course of 4 months. 

Start date is February 1, 2023. It ends May 31st, 2023

A session can be defined as any ground work or riding session that consist of 20 minutes or more. Only one is allowed per day. A session is any training time spent with your horse, both on the ground or undersaddle.  Grooming/massage ect does not count unless you are working towards a goal. For example, a wild horse who is not accepting of being groomed, or a horse who is working on being ground tied while you work.


Clients horses DO NOT count.

This is for your personal horses or

horses that you consistently ride

for yourself such as a lease horse. 

You can enter multiple horses,

but each horse is required to

meet the 60 sessions mark.

Multiple horses means multiple

chances to WIN! 

You will be able to keep track

multiple ways this year.

Use your own APP, keep a log,

use a spreadsheet ect. Anyway

that you can keep track and be

able to submit a photo of progress throughout the challenge. We ask you to please use a moral compass and keep it truthful through the honor system. 

There is a BUCKLE CHALLENGE again this year along with it all. The Buckle Challenge takes it a step further. Those who work with their horse 100 sessions over the 4 months will be entered into the drawing for the buckle. There are 3 BUCKLES this year! One for each division, youth, adult and primetime.  



How do you WIN? 

Everyone who hits the mark of 60 sessions will be entered to win any of our prizes being offered. As of right now we have over $10,000 worth and it is still growing! Everything from tack, clinic spaces, a cowgirls TRIP TO WYOMING for Cowgirl Inspiration Camp, and all sorts of fun Horse & Rider Goodies! More information on prizes announced in the Guides section of the Facebook Group.  Everyone who enters in and meets the goal will have their name entered into the drawing of prizes. 


Signing up 

Of course anyone can play along with their horse and join the facebook group, but because of the size of this challenge, the employees hired to work it, and administration costs, there is small $14.99 fee to enter the full challenge. Only those entered will be eligible for prizes. The fee is a PER PERSON Fee. You do not need to pay for each individual horse. 

If you wish to join the facebook group, you can follow this link here! We have 5,000 passionate and helpful equestrians in this group and would love to have you too. Facebook Group HERE 

When you register you will get a confirmation email. If you do not find it once you register be sure to check your spam and promotions folder. If you still can not find it, try to register again. 

Have a business that you would like to sponsor this event? Check out our Sponsorship Packet here 

Win Prizes! 

We are so thankful to the businesses that have partnered with us to make these prizes so special for you all. This is not a complete list and as many are still in the works. But be sure to check back and watch it grow!


Complete Prize announcements coming soon!! The Facebook The Horsemanship Challenge has the most recent prize updates! This year over $10,000 worth of prizes have been donated including clinics, online horsemanship programs, tons of horse tack and more! 



2023 Challenge Bigger. Better.

One sale for $1.50  your first month.png

Do you have product that you would like to get in front of thousands of equestrians? This challenge has over 5000 horses entered. When you donate your prizes will be seen on our Business Facebook (Of 10,000+ followers), the direct emails fo those entered, and our very active Horsemanship Challenge Facebook Group (5,000 members and growing)

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