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Online Learning Opportunities 


Virtual Lesson with Michael & Julia Lyons

Do you want help with your Horsemanship, but too far to come to the Ranch for Lesson? Our Virtual Lesson may be a good option for you!  

Video a session of you with your horse for up to 30 minutes in duration. Ask your questions, tell us your goals, and show us the things you are currently trying to work on. 

  • You'll be able to upload the video directly to the sign up, or we recommend uploading it to Youtube/Dropbox and sharing the private link that we can view.

  • We will then submit back a video with either a voiceover reviewing your video with insight,  or a new video of us showing you what you need to be doing and working on. 

  • Virtual lesson can be with Michael or Julia and is $75. 

Ride FearLess Mentorship Program

16 Week Online Mentorship Program

Starts March 1st. Registration Closes on Start date. 

The Program I wish I had when I was going through my Struggle with My Own Fear. But it's all laid out now, for you to succeed!

  • Easy to follow videos of exercises and ideas

  • Live Coaching Calls with Julia every other week to answer your questions and keep you accountable

  • A community of like minded and passionate equestrians



Round Penning Online Master Class 

Are you ready to learn about the Round Pen and how it can best help you and your horse?

For years now, we have helped people better understand the round pen, what it is and what it is not. It has a bad rap because of so many methods out there that promote chasing and fear. This course is NOT that. This is a course about learning how to communicate with your horse in a safe way to teach them to mentally engage and relax with you. Sign up now and learn! 


Creating a Relaxed & Willing Horse on the Ground 

4 Week Online Course 

Do you want to be able to work with your horse and teach them how to be relaxed, willing, and responsive to you on the ground? We are firm believers in the thought that the horse that you lead is the horse that horse that you ride. Not only that, having a relaxed horse on the end of the lead line is so important to your safety as well as the overall mental (and even physical) well being of the horse. We want them to enjoy their time with us, and that starts here. nd learn! 

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