2 Week Apprenticeship Program


Max of 8 Riders 


Are you thinking that training horses is a job that you would like to venture into? Or maybe you would like to be a better horseman for your horse. Whether you are looking to learn for yourself, or on a professional level, the 2 week apprenticeship program is sure to get you started!

We are going to dive into starting unbrokes, the importance and benefits of round pen work, advanced and refined ground work, liberty, trailer loading on line and at liberty, problem solving, arena work pertaining to body control, flexion, softness, stopping, trick training, as well we will hit the trail for exposure and obstacle work. 

All of our programs are always individualized to those involved, so this is a generic overlay. 

The program will run the entire 2 weeks with the Sunday in between off. 

Riders can bring an unbroke, or broke horse they are looking to further along. Stallions must be pre-approved by Michael. If bringing an unbroke, understand we will be helping you along the way to start, and setting you both up for success, however, rider must be capable to ride through themselves. 

Tuition is $3000 for the two weeks and includes a stall for your horse (does not include bedding). 

Cabins available onsite for $500 for the entire stay. 

Apprenticeship Dates 

June 14-28th 2021