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About Us 

Michael Lyons made the decision to dedicate his life to learning the ways of horsemanship after working and seeing the impact his family made on the equine industry. Following the teachings of his family, as well as his own experiences, Michael is able to pass on proven methods to horses and riders. Michael resides in North Carolina with his wife, Julia Lyons where they teach clinics, lessons, and train horses. Michael enjoys taking the legacy that  his Father, John Lyons "America's Most Trusted Horseman" created and providing the knowledge that he can to help riders learn more about how to effectively communicate with their horses.

Julia fell in love with horses at a very young age. She has a background in dressage, a little bit of jumping/eventing and showing in many western events. 

She spends her time now teaching clinics alongside Michael, or continuing to grow her equine lesson program.  As well as using her knowledge in bodywork and equine massage to give back to the horses that give so much to us. 

She firmly believes that you can utilize good horsemanship for all disciplines of riding and loves being to help riders get the confidence they need to achieve their horsemanship goals! 

Together, Michael and Julia are able to offer a package that is bound to help all types of riders! 

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