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When coming to a clinic with us,  we are going to provide you with your very own program that will allow you to reach the goals that you desire. Each clinic is tailored to the horse and riders needs. Come and expect to RIDE! 


Michael firmly believes in giving each rider the tools they need to put the pieces together in their training. You should not expect your learning to end when the clinic is over! Each person will be prepared to take the exercises they have learned and be able to apply them to other horses, or to continue to perfect them on the horse they rode. 


Our clinics are set apart in the fact that Michael and Julia are able to teach side by side, bringing different perspectives and experiences to the table. The team work from both is truly a system that is sure to inspire you with your horsemanship journey, and ensure that you understand exactly what they are teaching. If interested in any of our clinics, visit the Events page where you will find out schedule and more information about each clinic offered. 









We offer a wide variety of clinics across the United States but here are the main ones

-Ranch Riding 




-Liberty & Trick Training 

-Patterns and Precisions 


-Western Dressage 

-Ground Work 

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