Performance Clinic


2-Days $400    3-Days $550  4-Days $750

12 Riders Max


Learn the "Whys" and "Why Nots" of horse training. When coming to a clinic with Michael, he is going to provide you with your very own program that will allow you to reach the goals that you desire. Each clinic is tailored to the horse and riders needs. Come and expect to RIDE! 


Michael firmly believes in giving each rider the tools they need to put the pieces together in their training. You should not expect your learning to end when the clinic is over! Each person will be prepared to take the exercises they have learned and be able to apply them to other horses, or to continue to perfect them on the horse they rode. 


This clinic can be taught in a 2 or 3 day format, though 3 days are much more preferred as each rider will really begin to become confident in their maneuvers and reach a more complete understanding in the 3rd day. Performance Clinics are our most popular and sought after clinics. The word "performance" does not mean you have to be a showman. Whether you are performing in the arena or out of the arena, this clinic applies to you! It is designed to take the next steps in your riding to get a great handle with your horse. You do not have to be and advanced rider to participate in this clinic either. No matter the discipline, we are strive for the same thing,  better control. 

Come expecting to learn:

  • How to fully engage the hind end and shoulders in your riding 

  • Applying shoulder and hip control into spins and pirouettes

  • How to set your horse up for success

  • Teaching the horse responsiveness to your cues 

  • How to ride through your stops, and get a nice "WOAH"  

  • How to get a nice head set  

  • Softness to the bridle 

  • Side Passing, Half Passing, Haunches in/out & more

  • Correct fast and slow circles

  • How to correctly use your reins and legs while riding 

  • How to get the perfect lead changes.  

  • How to ride through your roll-back 

This is the basic format of Performance Clinics, but they can be personalized to better meet your needs.


Each day will start at 9:30am and run until approximately 5:00pm. An hour lunch break will be provided at noon. 

The first day will consist of a small group meeting to get to know everyone and to discuss what each individual is looking to get out of the clinic. Michael will then ask everyone to warm up as they generally do so that he can assess each persons riding levels and begin to create a program for you and your horse. 



Be sure you are ready to ride! Do not come expecting to be able to skate under the radar and not interact. Please wear proper riding attire such as CLOSED TOE SHOES! We will not allow flip flops, or any open toed shoes in the arena. 

Bring what it is that you prefer to ride in, though we strongly suggest having a snaffle bit and rope reins with you. 

Also make sure to have a dressage whip. 


Signing Up! 

Check our calendar to see if we have one on the books, or talk to us about setting up one near you!