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Michael Lyons Training 

Payment of Services

Use this button to manually enter payments to Michael Lyons Horsemanship. These can be used for training, private lessons or other services from Michael. 

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We offer many services, but one that we have recently opened is bringing in training horses to our property. We take much pride in taking the best care of our training horses possible, and work hard to keep them at their best. We also believe that the owner is to be a very important part of our training program. Each week you receive a free lesson with your horse to ensure you are learning in the journey as well. We take a very limited amount of training horses in so that each get the time they deserve. When signing up for training a 30% deposit is due, and the remaining balance prior to the horse starting. Please note that all deposits and payments toward training are non-refundable and that we have a drama free policy and try very hard to keep our barn a fun and learning environment.

Michael Lyons Training Packages 

2 week tune up 

$550 plus training board

This package is best for a horse that needs work on knocking the dust off and getting a little bit of a fine tuning on the things they already know. COLTS ARE NOT ALLOWED in this package. 


30 Day Package

$1000 plus training board. 

With this package you can expect riding 5 days a week, feeding twice a day, a stall and turnout. Lessons are provided with the owner at their convenience to help show case what we are doing, why we are doing, and how you can continue once sent him. 

We take on A VERY SELECT amount of training horses due to schedule and time, and even less horses in training to be started under saddle. All horses started under saddle require of a minimum of 60 days training with us. For best results, expect 90 for most horses. 


Training and Recovery 

$200 a month (purchase multiple months and get it for $150/month) 

Do you want your horse to maximize his time here? Think about adding on our Training and Recovery Package which gives just a little bit of extra care to any horse who comes in. Once a week massages/PEMF sessions to ensure they are staying at their peak. This includes 4 massages a month, and lots of stretching, warming up muscles before getting worked, and even being iced down. Keep your horse recovering the best with this package, and enjoying their training even more! 


Training Board 

$500 a month 

We feed premium Orchard hay and Tribute feeds (Kalm Ultra) twice daily. 


*Our facility offers a 100x200 indoor arena, spacious 12x12 stalls, trails onsite, and turnout for horses. If you would like to book a time with us, a 30% deposit is required to hold your spot * 


If you have any questions about this, feel free to call our office (336) 633-9646. Please understand that our weekends, and sometimes during the day are spent at clinics and riding horses. If we miss your call, we will be sure to get back with you in the 24 hours after or the next business day. Our business hours are 9am-7pm. 



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