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"I was seriously lacking confidence until I came to a Michael Lion's clinic. He taught me to actually ride my horse. Now we are showing in western dressage. Looking forward to another clinic in 2016. Thanks Michael"

Cathy Williams, NC 


"Had the pleasure of meeting this couple in 2015 at a N.C. Michael Lyons clinic. So enjoyed my time with them. Michael is not only a wonderful horseman, but an excellent teacher! Know they have a very bright future! Look so forward to spending more time with them in 2016!" 

Evon Chalk, NC 


"We hosted our first Michael Lyons clinic here at our farm in 2015. Michael and Julia were not only excellent clinicians, but wonderful people to be around! All of the participants had a great time and learned a lot that weekend, as did we. Leatherman Lane is excited to welcome MLH back next year, and hopefully for many years to come!"

Amy Jones, NC 


"I've had the privilege of Michael's instruction twice. Once in a clinic and once in a private lesson on my reining horse. I have participated in several clinics and follow a number of natural horsemanship trainers for tips and insight. None of them come close to the insight and knowledge I received from Michael during my two lessons with him. What I appreciate most about Michael is that he takes the time to get to know you and your horse before he ever begins to give suggestions or instruction. No "one size fits all" for this guy! I have ridden off and on all my life, but reining is new to me, and it's been many years since I've ridden consistently. Michael gave me exactly what I needed to improve my leadership skills with my horse and also gave me some insight into how my particular horse learned best. In everything he does, his love of the horse and of sharing knowledge that will improve the horse/rider partnership through natural horsemanship shines through. I love his gentleness and how in tune he is with each horse as an individual. REmarkable, amazing, God given talent. My only complaint is that I don't live close enough to ride with him often! Hoping to take advantage of another clinic or private lesson soon!"

Rhonda Van Huss, VA 


"It was just what I needed! I have been trying to teach myself how to train and maintain my horses by myself. I am relatively new to horses having just started riding a little over four years ago. I have the John Lyons Perfect Horse series (3 books) and think they are great. However there is a tremendous difference in reading how to do something you have never done or having someone tell you and actually seeing it done. Michael is phenomenal with horses. I would expect a son of John Lyons to be good but Michael was born to do this. I was extremely impressed by his calm and courteous manner and seeing how that calmness translates to results in working with horses.

What I learned (and what he showed and taught me) gave me the confidence to transition from a horse caretaker to a horseman. In just those three days of the clinic I noticed an improved demeanor in my horse and an improved relationship with him. He now noticeably demonstrates a trust in me. I have already been applying what I learned and now when I go back to the Perfect Horse series I understand and appreciate what I am reading. This clinic has opened a new door for me which I am eager to go through.

I would, without hesitation, take another clinic conducted by Michael and glad he is planning to come back in the Spring."

Bob Bardes, FL


"Michael, I cannot thank you enough for helping me with Gunner. He was so stiff and sore before you worked on him. I could see the tightness in his muscles disappear as you worked your magic. You are a man of many talents. Every time I have a clinic or private with you I am amazed at what we get accomplished. You help Gunner and I connect on levels that I did not even know existed. Being middle aged I feel it takes me longer to grasp things and I was scared and embarrassed to do clinics. With your kind, soft approach it put Gunner and I at ease. My confidence has soared thanks to you."

Kim Myers, MD

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